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Global Teen

40+ Countries

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Teen language schools


teen study abroad programs

offers travel experiences unlike any other.

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Stay Curious™

coordinates language/cultural education programs

for students of all ages.

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If you like the beach

you’ll love learning Spanish

in the historic beach side town

of Vexer de la Frontier!

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Whether it is Chinese banking

French wine, or Arabic culture

Language Liaison can provide a program

Damascus, SyriaDamascus, Syria
Geneva, SwitzerlandGeneva, Switzerland
Stockholm, SwedenStockholm, Sweden

Servicing 40+ Countries

20+ Language Programs

Stand Out From Your Peers

Get An Edge In The Job Market

Be Smarter

Who We Are & What We Do

Language Liaison® coordinates language/cultural education programs the world over for students of all ages. Learning another language and experiencing another culture is one of the most exciting, rewarding things one can ever do and Language Liaison® makes it easy and fun for you to make this dream a reality.

Language Liaison was founded in 1988 by Nancy Forman, based on her own personal experiences trying to find a language immersion program. By taking a language program and combining it with some of the activities you have always wished you could experience, Language Liaison allows you have it all. Whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, you can now satisfy your mind, your heart and your linguistic skills.

What People Say About Us

As an executive in the US wine industry, I have solidified my position by learning French in your “Teacher’s Home” program. It was a pleasure!

W. Lewis
W. LewisSt. Louis, MO

Language Liaison offers a unique service that’s been invaluable to us. There are many occasions when conventional language schools or even freelance instructors cannot meet our needs. You fill in the gap.

K. Pilone
K. PiloneHuman Resources Training Manager; Toyota Motor Sales, USA

Your instructors have proven to be caring people who have gone beyond language instruction to assure our foreign nationals have a positive experience.

S. Lansing
S. LansingTraining Administrator, ARCO International

The experience was (and still is) amazing, life changing. I have returned new and more confident woman. Thank you for helping me make it happen. You really are great – thank you!!

D. Gallen
D. GallenNeptune Beach, FL

Caroline had such a life changing time that we enrolled her in a boarding school in Switzerland where she still continues to learn French and even started Italian! Ciao!

M. Gorham
M. GorhamWashington D.C.

The experience made a deep impression on me and it changed the way I look at myself and my surroundings. It made me thirsty for continuing these types of experiences.

T. Murrell
T. MurrellHillsborough, CA

It was the best 3 weeks of my life. All my new friends were from Europe. I want to go back again next year.

A. Lampeter
A. LampeterManhasset, NY

The Tresso’s were a magnificent family! They didn’t speak English which great and they were always chatting with me in French which was very helpful. I have to say the best part was meeting different students from different countries.

A. Wilburn
A. WilburnChappel Hill, NC