Cities with Spanish Programs
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BarcelonaThe programs offered in these cities are hand-picked by experienced professionals after the school has been inspected for comfort, safety and academic standards.

Studying a language is more exciting when you learn it in the country where it’s spoken. These countries offer a variety of cultural experiences for everyone – teens, grown-ups, seniors, families, professionals or executives. Programs can be purely academic or combined with the Arts, Adventure, or Work Experience. Live and experience all that country has to offer in one of the many countries listed to the left.

Have you ever considered learning Spanish in the mornings and taking Flamenco lessons in the afternoon in Spain or Brazil? Or a course in Italian and learning how to cook with an Italian chef in Florence, Italy? Or French and wine tasting in Bordeaux, France? Spanish & golf? Or Ceramics? Italian and Photography? Or Art? Or Design? Wood Restoration? German and Opera? Spanish in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador? Just a sampling of the many programs available!

You may choose to live in the home of a native host family which will provide you with an opportunity to speak the language in a variety of situations every day. By staying with a host family, you will experience the culture and quickly gain confidence in speaking the language. If you would like a more individualized and personal program, you can live and study in the home of a certified teacher.

Total immersion short term language programs are available for learners at any level from beginner through advanced. New programs are available year round in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Most courses are offered at all levels of language knowledge. All courses are taught by certified, professional language instructors.

Make your vacation a learning experience or turn your learning experience into a vacation, with the various camps and programs offered for a wide range of ages and tastes.