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Programs for Individuals and Teachers with Groups

Teen language schools and teen study abroad programs from Global Teen offers high school study abroad and teen travel experiences unlike any other. Our teen program allows international travel for students to experience and learn a new world while enjoying culture and language study classes. We are proud to offer our teen language school in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and Ecuador. If you have ever been interested in teen study abroad and high school study abroad programs, now is the time to get on board!

You can experience our teen language school courses for a semester, a quarter, or just for the summer. Our teen study abroad and high school study abroad teen travel curriculum offers teens countless programs that will allow them to experience international culture while learning a foreign language. Global Teen language study programs and classes provide teens with an exciting way to learn a new language while understanding and experiencing lifestyles of their host country.

Teen travel, which includes a class at a teen language school, will also provide a rich experience in the local culture. Teen study abroad programs combine cultural experiences with language study classes to make teen travel and learning a language a fun and rewarding experience. Global Teen offers the best teen programs at the best international teen language schools in the world. If you’d like your teen student to take part in our unique high school study abroad or teen study abroad programs, call us today.

Teen language schools, teen study abroad classes, and high school study abroad teen travel opportunities will give you a lifelong remembrance of your host country. With Global Teen, students have an opportunity to learn in a new environment, adapt and learn a new culture. Our teen programs for international language study provides a fascinating experience in culture while providing class activities to help your teen learn and develop their new language skills.