Combine your dream vacation with the language & culture that fascinates you!

Foreign Language immersion programs are not all about study! If you like the beach, you’ll love learning spanish in the historic beach side town of Vexer de la Frontier!

Squeezed between the Sierra del Moncayo and the sea, this hill town is a perfectly preserved example of what many Andalucian towns were like five centuries ago. Castles, turreted medieval walls, centuries old mosques, churches and convents are a blend of moorish, visigothic and mudejar styles. This unspoiled town with its romantic flower filled courtyards, small plazas and cobbled streets remain virtually uncorrupted by modern tourism.

For beach lovers, the nearby town of Tarifa and its extensive beaches offer a wide range of activities. At the northern end of Playa Palmar, is a jetty called “Las Escolleras” the place to go for the surfers when the surf is up.

This is one of the many programs available to combine your vacation with a desire to learn another language, and another culture.

“Vexer is even more beautiful than I had imagined. Especially at night the illumination of the town is fantastic. As Vexer is situation on top of a hill, in the daytime you can see the beach, the river, the mountains and the countryside . The landscape is marvelous. All the houses are painted in white and the sky is free of clouds. The color of the houses harmonizes with the color of the sky.”